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Trans Atlas Running 【北アメリカ大陸縦断走破】
North America Continent Completed

Total distance 6/7~3/13

Real-time GPS Tracking

現在順位 LUC+Salmon (Iino Wataru, Niwa Kaori)





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Wataru Iino Official

"Wataru Iino is a runner who continues to challenge extreme long-distance running on the world stage. He is a unique super-ultrarunner who ""wants to run anything long distance,"" including ultra runnings, trail runs, and even 1,500km long distance."

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A runner who continues to challenge extreme long-distance running on the world stage.
He is a unique super-ultrarunner who “wants to run anything long distance,” from 100km to 1,500km.

While stationed in Germany as an automobile engineer, he began training for running in earnest and fell in love with the sport while running in a rich natural environment.
He has been a champion of many races, with brilliant results not only in domestic races in Japan but also in ultra races overseas.

He has appeared in many media, including a feature project on NHK’s popular “Great Race” program, and has garnered attention.

飯野 航

いいの         わたる

Wataru Iino

Date of birth:

43 years old
30 October 1979
Run to eat delicious food without worrying about calories

(as of March 2023)

In my 20s, I was a backpacker, and in my 30s, I traveled to many countries as an expatriate.
While it is fascinating to efficiently tour the sights of each country, what is even more impressive and memorable is “the journey to get there”.
By using your own feet, you can meet local people who are not tourists, eat local food, and encounter unnamed nature, all of which cannot be seen or felt through travel catalogs or SNS.
It will be a epic challenge to running around the world, but I hope that I can use the experience I have cultivated and my unwavering running ability to share the excitement of this journey in a timely manner and make you all feel a little bit inspired to go and run there as well.

by Wataru Iino

Next Challenge

2020年に「東海自然歩道(1,140km/東京~大阪ルート)」をFKT(Fastest Known Time)で走り、2021年には「本州縦断青森下関フットレース(1,550km/山口~青森ルート)」のFKTを達成した、超ロングレース界で知らない者はいないスーパーウルトラランナー・いいのわたる。
















・Swiss Alpine Marathon(Switzerland ・78km)10th place
・Allgäu Panorama Ultra-trail(Germany ・69km)3rd place
・Schwäbisch-Gmünd(Germany ・50km)4th place


・RLT Rodgau(Germany ・50km)2nd place
・Marathon des Sables(Morocco ・250km)9th place
・Goretex TransAlpine-Run(Germany ・320km)9th place”


・Challenge Fuji 5 Lakes Ultramarathon(Japan ・112km)1st place
・Nobeyama 100km Ultramarathon (Japan ・100km)2nd placa
・Iwate Ginga 100km Challange(Japan ・100km)1st place
・Madagascar race(Madagascar ・250km)2rd place

・Hongkong trail(Hongkok ・100km)7th place
・Challenge Fuji 5 Lakes Ultramarathon(Japan ・118km)1st place
・Hida Takayama Ultramarathon(Japan ・100km)2nd place
・Eiger ultra trail(Switzerland ・101km)29th place
・Tor des Geants(Italy ・330km)17th place
・Grand Raid Reunion (France ・173km)24th place


・Hongkong trail(Hongkong ・100km)9th place
・Namib desert race(Namibia ・250km)1st place


・Ultra Trail Koh Chang (Thailand ・100km)1st place
・Badwater135(United States ・217km)1st place
・EverestMarathon(Nepal ・75km)7th place


・GoneNuts101(Tasmania ・101km)1st placa
・Gobi March Mongolia(Mongolia ・242km)2nd place
・Mt.Tateyama Maranic(Japan ・65km)2nd place
・PONITRIANSKA STOVKA(Slovakia ・100km)1st place
・Ninja Trail Run(Japan・48km)8th place
・Algarviana Ultra Trail(Portugal ・300km)2nd plac


・Ultra Trail Luang Prabang(Laos・96km)1st place
・UT Vallnord Euforia(Andorra ・233km)2nd place
・Formosa Trail(Taiwan ・104km)2nd place


・UTMB for the Planet Virtual170(world ・170km)1st place
・The Tōkai Nature Trail 1100km(Japan ・1100km)FKT(Fastest Known Time)


・Honshu Jyudan Aomori Shimonoseki footrace(Japan ・1550km)FKT
・Okushina100(Japan ・100km)10th place
・LAKE BIWA 100(Japan ・167km)2nd place
・Manno Mountain Madness(Japan・40km)2nd place
・TAMBA100 Adventure Trail(Japan ・170km)2nd place
・Thailand by UTMB(Thailand ・170km)6th place


・Kumagawa Revival Trail(Japan ・172km)2nd place
・ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI 2022(Japan ・165km)9th place
・Shiga1Round Trail(Japan ・438km)3rd place
・Shikoku Ohenro(Japan ・1400km)FKT
・DEEP JAPAN ULTRA100(Japan ・170km)1st place
・Eiger Ultra Trail(Switzerland ・250km)mix 2nd place、overall 5th place
・Crossing Switzerland Ultra Trail(Switzerland ・390km)1st place
・Swiss Peaks Trail(Switzerland ・360km)2nd place
・LA CORDILLERA CHALLENGE(El Salvador ・130km)2nd place
・Backyard Ultra –Summit Trail Racing – Last Person Standing(United States ・187.6km)1st place


Rocky Raccoon 100 Trail Race(United States・165km)4th Place
Silver moon race(United States・165km)1st Place
Antelope Canyon Ultras(United States・165km)1st Place
The Pistol Ultra Run(United States・165km)3rd Place
BUFFALO RUN ADVENTURES(United States・165km)1st Place
Endurance Hunter 100(United States・165km)2nd Place

Running Project
Trans Atras Running

In 2023, Wataru Iino will challenge the “Trans Atras Running Running,” the epic project in which he will run around the world on his own feet and introduce the scenery of the world to you.
We will share the beautiful landscapes of the world and the paths that lead to them through the road traveled by Wataru Iino.
And you all should run there someday.


North American Continents
South American Continents
Eurasia Continents
African Continent
Australian Continent

The first challenge of the " Trans Atras Running "

will be over  20,000  km!


総距離  2万キロ 超!

He will run through the North and South American continents!
This challenge is not just about running the shortest distance across the continents.
He will share the smiling faces of people, cityscapes, natural wonders, world heritage and “the moment that caught with eye” that you might miss if you drive by car.